Portail du journalisme et de l'activisme musical de François Couture.

Home of François Couture's music journalism and activism.


Introduction (English)

My name is François Couture and I am a musicaholic.
There, I feel better already :-)

In my day job, I am a self-employed translator and
writer. I also write about music and host two radio
shows. I am also an artistic consultant for the Festival international
de musique actuelle de Victoriaville
. And since the Fall of 2010, I have stepped out of the closet where I have been making music for years and started presenting my own music on the public stage.

This page, Monsieur Délire, is a window on my activities as a music reviewer and radio show host. Here, I will be posting playlists for my radio shows, advance announcements about my radio shows, but most of all I will keep a near-daily listening diary.

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And to learn more about my own music, visit my other website CE FRANÇOIS COUTURE.